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How to Write a Book: The Ultimate Guide by a Best-Selling Author

How To Write a Book

As a best-selling author, one of the questions I get asked the most is how to write a book. A lot of people have a book they want to write one day. But the task of writing it seems so overwhelming and grand from the start that, invariably, they put it off.It's time to stop that nonsense and get started.The topic of how to write a book essentially breaks down into two areas:How to write a bookHow to get your book publishedIn this article, I’ll tackle how to write the actual book.To go into the full details on publishing would require a separate post. And until you’ve figured...

3 Essential Tips for How to Get Rid of Fear

Imagine what your life would be like if you learnt how to get rid of fear.Fear can negatively impact every aspect of our lives, from being too afraid to give presentations at work that would benefit our career to being scared to leave ourselves emotionally open to others.There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fear but only if it doesn’t negatively affect our behaviour; if we carry on regardless of the fact that we’re afraid.But when it starts stopping us from progressing in our lives then fear has become a problem.And unfortunately, I’d guess that almost all of us have been...

Why We All Need to STFU About that Tiffany Paperclip

Tiffany paper clip

If you’re an entrepreneur, at some point that Tiffany paperclip will have found its way into your newsfeed.For those who haven’t seen it yet this was the original post below:(There’s actually a gold Tiffany paperclip too which is $1,500 that has done the rounds as well.)Now I’m all for entrepreneurs charging what they’re worth and not being bullied or scared into lower prices than they should charge. It’s hard when starting your own business. And undervaluing your products and services hurts not just you but your whole industry.But the Tiffany paperclip doesn’t illustrate...

3 Steps to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills – And Why It’s So Important You Do

Creative Thinking Skills

If you want to get anywhere in life creative thinking skills are essential. They're not an optional extra. Creativity drives all progress in the world.Enjoying that iPhone in front of you?That meal your friend cooked for you the other week?That new class at your gym?The half-hour you just spent on Tinder?That new piece of software on your computer that makes the tasks you do every day so much easier?Or the weekend of your life you just lost to Netflix?Creativity is to thank for all of them. Most of us tend to think of creative thinking skills purely as an attribute that's...

Everything You Need to Know About Smear Tests

Smear Test

I am probably alive today because of a smear test.Without one it’s quite likely I would have cervical cancer and have had to undergo aggressive treatment or worse, no longer be here.Cervical cancer is mostly preventable.Thanks to smear tests.A smear test, also known as a pap test, cervical smear or cervical screening, isn’t like a check-up at the dentist to make sure you don’t need any fillings.They are so, so much more important. They could save your life but apparently, women have been avoiding going to their appointments.Since I am acutely aware of the benefits of keeping...

Single on Valentine’s Day? Stop Feeling Down About it Once and For All

Single on valentines day

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Is that making you feel down or lonely? Have you ever thought about why that is?There are so many films, TV shows and books out there that tell us that if we’re single on Valentine’s Day we should be depressed and feel like a loser that for the most part we all just accept it.We accept that we should be bawling our eyes out and singing to ourselves Bridget Jones style while consuming our own body weight in chocolate and alcohol if we so happen to be single on Valentine’s Day.I’ve been single for a number of years now and I couldn’t care less about the...

20 Things I Wish I’d Known In My 20s

20 Things I Wish I'd Known In My 20s

I turned 32-years-old, and celebrated my birthday in the most ridiculous manner possible, I started thinking about everything I’d learnt in my 20s and how much better my life is for those lessons. So here are the 20 things I wish I’d know in my 20s:  1. There is no difference between your work and your life. It’s all just living. Make sure you enjoy it. 2. Sleep is awesome. Don’t be one of those knobs who jokes around about sleeping when you’re dead. Everything is better with sleep. 3. You will die one day. Realise this, internalise it and use it to make sure you never waste...

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