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What Clients Really Want

(And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy)

The Essential Insider’s Guide for Advertising Agencies on How Account Management Can Create Great Client/Agency Relationship.

Forget what you think you know about what your clients need. To fully understand what they want from account management in advertising agencies, you need to get inside their minds.

Written by an ex-client, who also spent seven years agency-side, this book factors the realities of agency life into every element, with practical and easy-to-implement advice for those just starting out in account management all the way through to account directors.

The first ever book on client/agency relationships written by an ex-client, it provides insight into the dynamics at play in those relationships that you won’t find anywhere else.

In this step-by-step guide you will discover:

• What simple actions you can take today to generate great relationships with your clients.

• How to gain a deeper understanding of the pressures your clients face and why this is so important.

• Practical day-to-day advice on how to master positive relationship building behaviours.

• The strong re-occurring themes that cause client relationships to fall apart and how you can avoid them by applying;

o The 9 essential behaviours to prevent damage to the client/agency relationship.

o The 5 essential behaviours to take your client/agency relationships from good to great.

“This will be gold dust for client-servicing professionals… it’s a great reminder of what you need to do to build a brilliant relationship with your clients and how to be a true partner. It’s so important that you get to know them and care for their business and this book shows you what you need to do.”

Rick Kumar

Owner & Director , Moda Consult (Specialist Recruitment for Creative Agencies)

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