Why I’ve hung up my surfboard for 10 days to sit in a classroom learning to code - Chantell Glenville

Instead of surfing, chilling on the beach and seeing friends whenever I want, for 10 days I’ve voluntarily taken that freedom away from myself. I‘ve packed up a little bag, left my beautiful home and surfboard behind [*sob] to be stuck in a classroom learning to code!

And I’m doing this even though learning to code sounds to me a little bit like optionally choosing to go back to school and study mathematics (which I can assure you was not something I excelled at or found even remotely interesting the first time round). But I’m still doing it. And if you run your own business but don’t have a huge start-up fund backing you up, you should be too.

Learning to code

There are certain skills that are essential for running your own business like having enough emotional intelligence to work well with clients, understanding marketing, and a basic understanding of how to code.

Yes there are template-based platforms like WordPress out there which will allow you to set up and run your own site with no coding knowledge however if you’d like to retain your sanity and make use of as many marketing opportunities as possible, you should learn to code too.

If you’ve already set your website up through a template based system like WordPress you’ll know what I mean by the sanity point. Even just setting up this site, which is simple as websites go, involved hours (actually no days, it was definitely days) of frustration. I lost the will to live multiple times.

And then, once you’ve got past that banging your head against a brick wall phase, you’ll find you want to change something small and simple like the colour and style of font. Which you’d think would be simple. But it isn’t. In a template-based system making simple changes like this will actually not be possible, unless you can code.

So even if you don’t want to set up your own website from scratch, to be able to make the best use of whatever template system you’re using/remove frequent urges to throw your laptop off a roof it’s worthwhile learning to code.

I mention making use of as many marketing opportunities as possible too since you’ll find that time-and-time again online platforms, via which you may want to promote your company or products, will require basic code to be used in order to make the listing look good. There won’t be a magic bold button like in Microsoft Word to highlight key points and you certainly won’t be able to make key points drop down in a list of any sort without inputting code. If you’re just setting up your business you need to learn these basics now.

People aren’t going to use your products and services if they always look messy and unorganised where they’re listed.

That’s why I’m at school learning to code. And why you should be too.

And actually although I’m in school it’s not like I’m in some dingy classroom in Staines.

I’m learning to code here….

…where we’re surrounded by this…..




….and go on outings to places like this.

IMG_0619 (1)

Because everything is better in Bali. Even learning to code.

The school I’m learning with is called The Institute of Code. They offer 10-day coding retreats in luxury villas in beautiful locations, such as Bali and Mexico. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just figure other people might want to know how to avoid a dingy classroom in Staines too if they decide to take my advice.