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The Problem of Expectations

Have you ever booked an expensive hotel that you thought was going to be wonderful only to arrive and be disappointed? Have you ever had a friend let you down and not support you as much as you wished they would? Have you ever fought with your partner about the washing up? Expectations caused all of these problems. Our lives are full of expectations. We hardly ever don’t have expectations as to what a situation will be like or what another person will do. And those expectations cause us heartache, anger and sadness. The higher the expectations the worse it is. For example when...

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#MeToo and not once, or twice or even three times but so many times I almost can’t keep track. That’s not an exaggeration. The incidents have ranged from serious, to those I've brushed off as “not so bad”. I am genuinely disappointed in myself for some of the things I’ve brushed off as “not so bad”. I am just one woman. This is my experience of sexual assault and harassment. I am 31 years old. Not even half way thorough my life and #ThisIsMyList:   • I have had to quit a job before because my boss would lock the restaurant each night and then proceed to aggressively hit...

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Fuck You Gary Vaynerchuk

I am so fucking angry at Gary Vaynerchuk (aka. Gary Vee) for the damage he will cause to thousands of peoples’ lives (if not millions) with the toxic views shared in...
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How to be successful

It is so easy when working in a high-pressured job to get caught up in constantly wanting to move forward in your job and that progression being the mark by which you measure the successfulness of your life. I should know, I did it for years. But what about everything else in your life? Do the things you achieve outside of work not class as determining whether you are successful or not as well? And shouldn’t those things you achieve in relation to work that don’t even necessarily move you up the career ladder still count as making you successful too? Why are we sticking to...

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An Open Letter to Men in the Wake of International Women’s Day 2017

On International Women’s Day 2017 there were a lot of articles explaining why this special day for women is needed. From those discussing its origin and purpose to those using sarcasm to highlight its need to those pointing out the differences between what it’s like to be a woman versus a man. The one that stuck with me the most was an article by Buzzfeed on 32 Everyday Things Women Do That Men Don’t Have To Worry About. For those who missed it these were the first 9 items on the list: The reason the article stuck with me the most wasn’t because of the content...

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Single on Valentine’s Day? Stop feeling down about it once and for all

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Is that making you feel down or lonely? Have you ever thought about why that is? There are so many films and TV shows and books out there that tell us that if we’re single on Valentine’s Day we should be depressed and feel like a looser that for the most part everyone just seems to accept that they should be bawling their eyes out and singing to themselves Bridget Jones style while consuming their own body weight in chocolate and alcohol if they so happen to be single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been single for a number of years now and I couldn’t care...

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The Disturbing Truth Behind Why Trump Won The Election

There's a brilliant film called “The Wave”, which is both one of the best and most unsettling films I’ve ever watched. And, unfortunately, I think it can explain how someone with beliefs as abhorrent as Trump was able to become the president. “The Wave” is based on a true story about an experiment that took place in a high school in California. Tasked with teaching about autocracy, but faced with resistance from his students, the teacher started an experiment to demonstrate how dictatorships come about and the conditions needed for them to exist. Nationalism was one of the first factors...

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