Chantell Glenville

Chantell is a marketing and advertising consultant, property investor and advisor, writer and entrepreneur.

She is the author of “What Clients Really Want (And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy)”, the first ever book on how to create great client/agency relationships written by an ex-client.

What Clients Really Want (And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy)

The book is specifically written for those in account management at advertising agencies however the information is relevant to anyone who needs to build great client relationships.

To further support the account management community along with the book, Chantell runs which provides information and advice on how to excel at account management. The site also features a forum for users to benefit from the collective wisdom of the site’s community and have a safe place to voice any concerns they have that they might not want to ask their colleagues about.

She is also the founder of JY Marketing Consultancy, which provides marketing consultancy for small to medium size businesses, and the co-founder of The Property Buying Experts, which provides free expert advice on buying, selling or investing in property.

Chantell founded these companies out of a desire to make advertising, marketing and property clearer for everyone since they are topics so frequently shrouded in mystery and lots of jargon. The companies aim to provide the information and tools needed for businesses and individuals to then be able to navigate these complex worlds on their own.


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